Blue Buddha

The Blue Buddha groove is one we all dance. It is the groove of the universe, the groove of the human experience. For each individual this groove will mean something different. Though, the story that prevails in my own experience is one of excitement. For me, the Blue Buddha is the part of the psyche accessed when exhilaration and fear are one in the same, when you think you can go no further, yet you cannot wait to continue. It is the groove you must dance to when cultivating your individual self, living life to the fullest, and staring your fears right in the face. It is a dance of resilience, perseverance, joy, a dance that unleashes the rumbling deep within your soul.

Text by Owen Kirby:

I fear the dark. My light will show the way. When will we fly? When will we reach the sea? A sky full of dreams carried by the souls of our past, and we’ll fly somewhere and be free. I’ll find you inside of me. Let us dance now. The rumbling waits.

Premiered on February 19th, 2024