A Brief Bio

Owen Kirby

Owen Kirby is a composer currently exploring many mediums, including large ensembles, chamber groups, choir, and other eclectic instrument combinations. Much of what drives Owen’s music is an enthrallment with the individual experience: the unique stories, emotions, visuals, etcetera, that play out in one’s mind while listening to music. He finds it to be a beautiful realization that every listener will have their own unique experience. Being an avid wilderness enthusiast, he always strives to connect his work to the natural world. Owen’s fascination with improvisation is what encompasses much of his process in composing, however, he also likes to explore new ways of creating that may allow for new perspectives through the composition process.

Some notable performances of Owen’s work include the premiere of Merak in 2022, with students at the University of Montana, and the premiere of his brand new piece for saxophone quartet, from the depths, between ourselves (2022), with the Award Winning OVAA Quartet, with whom he is the principal baritone saxophonist for.

Currently, Owen Kirby is pursuing a degree in Composition and Saxophone Performance at the University of Montana. Being in the OVAA Quartet, they were announced winners of the University of Montana Concerto Aria Competition in 2022. They also received Second Prize in the Medici International Music Competition and Third Prize in the London International Music Competition in 2022.